In your journey to enhance sustainable supply chain & procurement, we wish to be a coach and not a trainer.

Below may help you understand what we mean:

Training Coaching
Training is done to someone.
Coaching is done with someone.
Trainer expects you to do your best.
Coach expects you to do better than your best.
Trainer ignites a fire under someone.
Coach ignites a fire inside of someone.
Trainer cares about how much time you put in.
Coach cares about how much you put into the time.
Trainer influence the hour they are with someone.
Coach influence the hours they are not with someone.
Trainer plans to get through the session.
Coach plans to get through to someone.
Trainer stretches your legs.
Coach stretches your limits.
Trainer works for a financial gain.
Coach works for a passion, which lead to financial gain.
Trainer develops and delivers your strategy.
Coach sows and harvests your purpose.
Trainer remembers the profession is to remind about the issue.
Coach remembers the profession is to solve the issue.

We coach on following initiatives:

  • Responsible/Ethical/Sustainable Sourcing
  • Responsible/Ethical/Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Green House Gas Emissions & Supply Chain
  • Carbon Taxation & Credits
  • Emission Trading System
  • Social Accountability & Compliance in Procurement
  • Environment Performance in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Health & Safety in Supply Chain
  • Circular Economy in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility & Procurement
  • ESG – Environment-Social-Governance & Procurement
  • Environmental-Social-Ethical-Safety Labels in Procurement
  • Conflict Minerals in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • International Human Rights & Supply Chain
  • International Labour Rights & Supply Chain
  • Procurement to drive Business Growth
  • Procurement for Patent Creation
  • Procurement to build a Brand
  • Procurement to nurture partnerships
  • Competitive Advantage Creation through Procurement
  • Code of Conduct in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Return on Investment in Procurement
  • Net Present Value in Procurement
  • Life Cycle Cost and Procurement
  • Risk Management in Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Stakeholder Management in Supply Chain
  • Category Management in Procurement
  • Data Mining, Cleansing, Modeling & Analysis in Procurement
  • Mega Project & Capex Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Cost Modeling in Procurement
  • Cost Driver Analysis in Procurement
  • ERP Re-engineering for Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Tendering in Sustainable Procurement
  • Contract Management in Responsible Procurement
  • Outsourcing & Procurement
  • BPO – KPO – ITO & Procurement
  • ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement
  • ISO26000 – Social Responsibility
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
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