Sustainable supply chain and procurement is not the responsibility of one individual or an organization, so we would like to be a humble supporter in delivering your sustainability initiatives.

Do you think that your organisation will have to change people and/or processes to integrate sustainability?

The answer is NO. We can support and show you on how to do it.

Do you think that your organisation will have to spend lots of money to align with United Nations sustainable development goals and targets?

You are right…… our charge would be £5,000+ in

  1. Guidance Fees
  2. Train People or recruit new talent
  3. Create new processes or change processes

However, we can demonstrate to micro/small/non-profit organizations on how to integrate United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & Targets for free. No hidden cost & no hidden agenda. It is our pro bono activity. This is to support and lift micro/small/non-profit organisations who cannot afford sustainability integration costs.

Our purpose is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable procurement & supply chain, and this free service is a part of our sustainability contribution to the world and United Nations sustainability ambitions.

What you can expect while hiring our free United Nations SDG integration service?

  1. No expectation to change your employee or their daily tasks
  2. No change in your organisational processes
  3. No fees for micro/small/non-profit organisational
  4. Your existing routine activity and core service/product alignment to United Nations SDGs and Targets
  5. Potential free uplift of your brand image and company credibility*
  6. Free literature on how to use your brand logo with United Nations SDG icons, SDG Wheel& SDG logo

UN SDG Integration Application Form

Please do not provide any data which is to be kept secret or confidential.

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Your satisfaction is our goodwill.
Your UN SDG integration is our honor.
Your valuable reference is our dream.

Below chart shows integration of iso20400plus Ltd with UN SDGs and UN SDG Targets:

iso20400plus Purpose Action White
E SDG Poster 2019 without UN emblem WEB

What are our core sustainability integration services?

Below are our paid services; however there is no obligation to request any of below mentioned paid services:

  1. United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Integration Certificate
  2. Annual Sustainability Assessment & Certification
  3. Annual Sustainability-CSR-ESG Reporting & Certification
  4. ISO20400 Assessment, Planning and Coaching (Not Consulting)

We also carry out sustainability certification, so few sustainability integration services cannot be provided to companies who we certify.

Extensive list of concepts which can be integrate into your sustainability initiatives:

  • Responsible/Ethical/Sustainable Sourcing
  • Responsible/Ethical/Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Green House Gas Emissions & Supply Chain
  • Carbon Taxation & Credits
  • Emission Trading System
  • Social Accountability & Compliance in Procurement
  • Environment Performance in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Health & Safety in Supply Chain
  • Circular Economy in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility & Procurement
  • ESG – Environment-Social-Governance & Procurement
  • Environmental-Social-Ethical-Safety Labels in Procurement
  • Conflict Minerals in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • International Human Rights & Supply Chain
  • International Labour Rights & Supply Chain
  • Procurement to drive Business Growth
  • Procurement for Patent Creation
  • Procurement to build a Brand
  • Procurement to nurture partnerships
  • Competitive Advantage Creation through Procurement
  • Code of Conduct in Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Return on Investment in Procurement
  • Net Present Value in Procurement
  • Life Cycle Cost and Procurement
  • Risk Management in Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Stakeholder Management in Supply Chain
  • Category Management in Procurement
  • Data Mining, Cleansing, Modeling & Analysis in Procurement
  • Mega Project & Capex Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Cost Modeling in Procurement
  • Cost Driver Analysis in Procurement
  • ERP Re-engineering for Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Tendering in Sustainable Procurement
  • Contract Management in Responsible Procurement
  • Outsourcing & Procurement
  • BPO – KPO – ITO & Procurement
  • ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement
  • ISO26000 – Social Responsibility
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
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