Why should any organisation need voluntary sustainability report, if it is not mandatory?

There are various reasons, however according to us the most relevant one is “transparency”. Transparency enhances trust, which enhances brand value and company credibility. So sustainability report can build business.

We see sustainability reporting as an investment rather than a cost. So the challenge is to achieve sustainability reporting at a reasonable investment.

For benefits on sustainability, you can go to following page on our website – https://iso20400plus.com/benefits/

Is sustainability reporting possible by investing less than £1 per day i.e. £365 per year?

The answer is yes as well as no. If you do not managed it well then it can run in thousands. It depends on:

  1. What you wish to cover?
  2. Size of the report
  3. Do you wish to provide third party assurance?
  4. Do you wish to create a report based on sustainability reporting standards?
  5. Which sustainability reporting standard do you wish to follow?
  6. How many sustainability reporting standards do you wish to follow?
  7. How choosey are you with graphical presentation of information?
  8. How much time and resources can you dedicate?

We can support your sustainability reporting dream with an investment as little as £250, so the investment of annual sustainability reporting is less than £1 a day.

Ideally, £250 investment should be compared with other investment decisions like buying an asset, computer, website maintenance, marketing, sales, etc. These investments are made with a hope to enhance brand visibility, brand image, enhance company credibility, develop business, attract new customers, become supplier of a Fortune 100 company, become a public sector supplier, etc.

Or you can compare this £250 investment with other essential business costs like utility bills, internet, local taxes, fuel, insurance, etc.

What is covered in a £250 sustainability report?

  1. Cost of graphic designed content suggestion
  2. Suggestions about sustainability aspect reporting
  3. Two 30 minute sessions on integration of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & Targets.
  4. Calculation of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions based on energy bills and/or transport/travel data provided by you.
  5. Up to a seven page report

Other customized sustainability report solutions

We can also provide a fixed cost service for a customized sustainability report based on

  1. Depth and breadth of sustainability aspect coverage
  2. Size of the report
  3. Third party assurance expectation
  4. Report based on sustainability reporting standards
  5. Sustainability reporting standard to be used
  6. Number of sustainability reporting standards to be us
  7. Type of graphical presentation of information
  8. Time and resources you dedicate

Sustainability Report Enquiry Form

Please do not provide any data which is to be kept secret or confidential.

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