Why should any organisation need voluntary sustainability and/or ESG report, if it is not mandatory?

There are various reasons, however according to us the most relevant one is “transparency”. Transparency enhances trust, which enhances brand value and company credibility. So sustainability report can build business.

We see sustainability reporting as an investment rather than a cost. So the challenge is to achieve sustainability reporting at a reasonable investment.

For benefits on sustainability, you can go to following page on our website – https://iso20400plus.com/benefits/

What factors define the investment cost of sustainability or ESG report ?

The cost depends on:
  1. What you wish to cover?
  2. Size of the report
  3. Do you wish to provide third party assurance?
  4. Do you wish to create a report based on sustainability reporting standards?
  5. Which sustainability reporting standard do you wish to follow?
  6. How many sustainability reporting standards do you wish to follow?
  7. How choosey are you with graphical presentation of information?
  8. How much time and resources can you dedicate?
This sustainability/ESG report investment should be compared with other investment decisions like buying an asset, computer, website maintenance, marketing, sales, etc. These investments are made with a hope to enhance brand visibility, brand image, enhance company credibility, develop business, attract new customers, become supplier of a Fortune 100 company, become a public sector supplier, etc.

Can iso20400plus provide ESG and/or Sustainability consultancy and reporting service?

We assess ESG & Sustainability information and data for certification &/or rating, so we do not provide consultancy & report service. However, we do collaborate with ESG & Sustainability consultants, who can provide you consultancy as well as reporting service.

What service does iso20400plus provide with respect to ESG and/or sustainability?

We provide following service related to ESG and/or sustainability:
  1. céleste certification for ESG and/or Sustainability report
  2. ESG and/or Sustainability rating based on customized weightage framework to suit each corporate client
  3. Publication of ESG and/or Sustainability Snapshot through our ESG-Sustainability Library
  4. Publication of ESG and/or Sustainability web-link to detailed report
  5. Publication of ESG Consultant details, who provided service to develop ESG / Sustainability report.
  6. QR code Verifiability of ESG and/or Sustainability Snapshot through mobile phone camera without any login formality
  7. Website Verifiability of ESG and/or Sustainability Snapshot through our Sustainability – ESG Verify link without any login formality
  8. Promote/list ESG and/or Sustainability assessed organization in 1 Sustainable Directory Website – https://1sustainable.com/
  9. Promote ESG and/or Sustainability assessed organization in LinkedIn & Facebook groups

Can our approved ESG and/or Sustainability consultants provide a fixed cost service?

Yes, they do provide a fixed cost service. The fixed cost depends on :
  1. Depth and breadth of sustainability aspect coverage
  2. Size of the report
  3. Third party assurance expectation
  4. Report based on sustainability reporting standards
  5. Sustainability reporting standard to be used
  6. Number of sustainability reporting standards to be used
  7. Type of graphical presentation of information
  8. Time and resources you dedicate

Who can be our approved ESG and/or Sustainability consultant?

We expect ethics and integrity from our approved consultants. This is on top of skills, knowledge, education and competence.

All our approved ESG and/or Sustainability consultants pledge to following basic expectation on ethics and integrity:
  1. Discrimination
  2. Anti-Bribery
  3. Anti-Corruption
  4. Diversity& inclusion
  5. Data protection laws
  6. Ethical conduct
  7. Local rules and regulations
  8. National legislations
  9. United Nations Principles
  10. International LabourOrganisation Principles
  11. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Certificate / Rating Enquiry Form

Please do not provide any data which is to be kept secret or confidential.

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