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We have defined five levels of certification based on the depth of assessment. This is to meet organizational needs.

  • Bronze – Desktop Verification
  • Silver – Desktop + Virtual Verification
  • Gold – Extended Desktop + Extended Virtual Verification
  • Platinum – Extended Desktop + Extended Virtual + Physical Verification
  • Diamond – Extended Desktop + Extended Virtual + Physical + Surprise Virtual Verification + Surprise Physical Verification

Secondly, for Silver, we follow at least 2 data check point methodology. For Gold, Platinum & Diamond levels, we follow 3 data check point methodology, which may go up to 5 data check point methodology. This demonstrates the depth of the process.

Thirdly, for silver, we follow at least 2 criteria from policy, process and performance. For Gold, Platinum & Diamond levels, we check on all three criteria of policy, process and performance, which demonstrate the breadth of the process.

The answer is yes as well as no. We have various fixed priced céleste sustainability assessment & certification, which ranges up to £99,000. So the céleste sustainability assessment & certification investment depends on:

  1. What aspects of sustainability do you wish to assess and certify?
  2. Level (depth and breadth) of assessment and certification.
  3. Size of organization to be assessed and certified.
  4. Number of sites to be assessed and certified.
  5. Which sustainability assessment standard/framework do you wish to follow?
  6. How much time and resources can you dedicate?
  7. How fast you wish to get certified?

On the one hand it sounds expensive. On the other hand, we can support your sustainability assessment and certification dream with an investment as little as £250 (only for organisations up to 10 employees), so the investment is less than £1 a day (less than a Starbucks/Costa  tea/coffee)

Ideally, £250 investment should be compared with other investment decisions like buying an asset, computer, website enhancement, marketing, sales, etc. These investments are made with a hope to enhance brand visibility, brand image, enhance company credibility, develop business, attract new customers, become supplier of a Fortune 100 company, become a public sector supplier, etc.

Or you can compare this £250 investment with other essential business costs like utility bills, internet, local taxes, fuel, insurance, etc.

  1. Social-Environmental-Ethical Assessment
  2. Desktop Assessment based on documents, video clips, website, social media, etc.
  3. Easily verifiable certificate.
  4. Free participation in our United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Workshop & Integration Coaching.
  5. Free information on free United Nations Sustainability courses & material
  6. Assessment performed by a sustainability analyst and a quality controller.
  7. Relatively better data security. Client can choose not to submit documents and videos online or by email to maintain their data security. In such case, client will have to provide a permanent password protected READ ONLY access to a folder with documents and videos. They will have to provide confirmation to not delete, add and edit any information in that folder.
  8. Each assessment price includes 5% contribution to sustainability training of at least one personnel, so you are promoting sustainability not only internally but also externally.
  9. If you meet at least 5 sustainability criteria then we can permit you to use our “céleste bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond” sub-logo on your website, advertisement, packaging, business cards, social media, etc.
  1. Social
  2. Environmental
  3. Ethics
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Governance
  6. Culture, Heritage & Values
  7. Technology
  8. Legal
  9. Economic
  10. Procurement
  11. Supply Chain
  12. Conflict Minerals
  13. UK Modern Slavery Act 2015
  14. USA Frank-Dodd Act 2010
  15. EU Conflict Mineral Regulation 2021

The answer is yes. Our organisation segregation is as follow:

  • Micro – up to 10 employees
  • Small – 11 to 100 employees
  • Medium – 101 to 1000 employees
  • Large – 1000+ employees

Yes, you do get a certificate. The certificate will mention:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Level of assessment
  3. Sustainability Aspects covered in the assessment
  4. Certificate level
  5. Certified sustainability aspects
  6. Certificate issued date
  7. Certificate revision date
  8. Certificate validity date
  9. Assessed site locations
  10. QR Code for verifiability

Certificate code and QR code on the certificate can be used to easily verify the validity of the certificate.

The answer is yes as well as no. Organisation may be issued a separate permission to use appropriate céleste sub-logo, if they meet certain sustainability criteria from our ethical, social and environmental criteria. Organisation will have to submit an application for sub-logo usage after getting certified. The application link is

After issue of license, the certified organization can use issued céleste sub-logo on following:

  1. Marketing communications
  2. Social Media
  3. Email signature
  4. Packaging
  5. Website
  6. Business premises owned/operated

Certificate is valid for 1 year, and the sub-logo usage validity will be same as the issued certificate.

Any 3rd party sustainability certification should provide more assurance to your customer, client, shareholder, society, community, supplier, etc. This should directly improve your organizational credibility and brand image. We have listed benefits of sustainability on following link The list is compiled from various well-known and respected sources mentioned before the benefits.

Following points makes céleste assessment unique, authentic, credible, admirable and courteous:

  1. Law – Regulatory – Compliance – This British Certification is issued by an organisation registered in the UK. So it has to followfollowing strick laws while issuing certification:
    1. The Green Claims Code Sept 2021, which is exceptionally deep, broad & strict.
    2. Modern Slavery Act 2015, which is global in nature
    3. Bribery Act 2010, which is again global in nature
    4. Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018
    5. Data Protection Act 2018, which is again global in nature
  2. Principles
    1. We follow United Nations sustainability principles for social, environmental and ethical assessments.
    2. We follow International Labour Organisation – ILO conventions and recommendations agreed by more than 200 national governments.
  3. Quality of Assessment & Certification Team céleste assessment team consists of at least one PhD degree holder (out of 25+ in our team), so you have a high quality individual either assessing or performing the quality check.
  4. Quality of Creation Team céleste certification questions, check points and evaluation has input of 25+ global sustainability experts of doctorate level.
  5. Authenticity Verification céleste certificates are easily verifiable by anyone through a smart phone camera with a QR code reader, so fake certificates and claims are caught instantly.
  6. Type of Process – This is a 3rd party certificate, so more credible than a self-declaration, a self-certification or a 2nd party certificate.
  7. Quality of Process – All certificates follow at least 4-eye approach, so minimum two person are involved in the assessment. One assessor and one quality controller. For Gold, Platinum & Diamond level, we will have minimum 6-eye, 8-eye & 10-eye approach respectively.
  8. Depth of Process – céleste certificate is a result of a distinctive depth of assessment. For Silver, we follow at least 2 data check point methodology. For Gold, Platinum & Diamond levels, we follow 3 data check point methodology, which may go up to 5 data check point methodology.
  9. Breadth of Processcéleste certificate undergoes bold breadth of assessment. For silver, we follow at least 2 criteria from purpose, policy, people, process, performance, public and plan. For Gold, Platinum & Diamond levels, we check on all 3 criteria from purpose, policy, people, process, performance, public and plan.
  10. Transparency – Certified organization can share verifiable certificate results with anyone without extra payment to us.
  11. Confidentiality – Certified organistaion has a choice to keep assessment/certificate results confidential, as we do not share their unique verifiable certification number and QR code with anyone.
  12. Data Security –  Certified Organisation has a choice to keep the data in their own server, so they do not run a risk of data breach from our side.
  13. Social Responsibility – We also try to train at least one person during your assessment, so that person can act as an assessment process reviewer. A part of your payment goes to training of these personnel, so you are directly supporting our social responsibility objective.
  14. Affordability – Large/Medium size organisations can get their suppliers assessed and certified with a zero cost service. The costs to their micro suppliers are kept quite low.
  15. Simple & Easy – The results are simple & easy to use
    1. No need to operate a new system.
    2. No need to remember login and password.
    3. No need to learn a new system. So saves time, money & efforts for training.
    4. No need of extra storage space on your server.
  16. Unique & Exceptional – Inclusion of some ISO guidance
    1. ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement Guidance
    2. ISO26000 – Social Accountability Guidance
    3. ISO14001 – Environmental Management
    4. ISO37001 – Anti-Bribery Management
celeste Certification Level x 4

Sustainability Certification Enquiry Form

Please do not provide any data which is to be kept secret and/or confidential:

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