Couple Medal Application Form​

Current defination of a couple is – “Two individuals who are married or otherwise closely associated romantically or sexually”.

  • If both individuals are our SPSC Ambassadors for more than 1 month, then this is totally FREE after they demonstrate that they did some sustianability related acitivity after they became SPSC Ambassadors. You need to submit your name, email id, SPSC Ambassador number and your sustainability contibution (after you became SPSC Ambassador) in the application to avail the FREE offer.
  • If only one individual is our SPSC Ambassador then it costs GBP 50 before processing application.
  • If both are not our SPSC Ambassadors, then this will cost GBP 100 before processing application.
  • If our jury find your sustianability contribution meaningful then you will receive a digital medal as well as a digital certificate. If we deny your application, for any reason, then we will refund your payment in full.
  • Both, the medal & the certificate, will stay double verifiable during the validity period. The unique number can be verified on our website link. The QR code can be verified through smart phone camera with a QR code scanner. Most of the new phones have in-built QR code scanner.
  • For lifelong variability of the certificate & the medal, there will be an option to either pay annually or a one-off payment. If you continue to be our SPSC Ambassadors, then this MAY turnout to be a lifelong freebie.
Couple Certificate